Clerk Financial System



What if I need to change the receipt number because receipts printed out wrong?

From the CFS master menu (or GO MAINT if you are in the CFS library, if you are not type in CHGCURLIB CFS, then type GO MAINT)

Take opt. 2 (maint. & report)

Then take opt. 3 (printer maint.)

Then type in the printer ID (if you don't know the printer ID, go down to the alpha search, type anything and hit the 'ENTER' key. This will give you a list of all of the printers and their ID's. Type the line number in corresponding to the apporpriate printer and hit the 'ENTER' key. This will bring up the Printer Maintenance Screen with all of the information associated with that printer.)

Then change the receipt # (Type in the next receipt number to be used in the space next to the Receipt number field)

What if I need to change the name of the clerk, auditor, etc on the checks ?
Ex: post election or marriage/divorce.

Type in go dfu.

Take opt. 10 (master files menu)

Then take opt. 7 (vendor file)

Then roll down to find the entry you wish to change. Press the ENTER key.

Press the F3 key to exit the vendor file.

Then press the ENTER key to exit the dfu. (The default is Y for end data entry.)