Voter Registration

The MHI Governmental Systems' Voter Registration System is designed to provide you with up-to-date county voter information on-line. The application stores voter information in a history file which can be maintained, recalled and printed as needed. The Governmental Systems application is in full compliance with the recent State Election Board requirements and will provide or assist the customer in producing the necessary media to the State. In addition, a jury code exists for each person in the voter file. Voter data may then be sorted in a true random order, insuring non-bias jury selection.

A ten year voting history is maintained on-line for each registered voter. As each election is held, voting action is noted. If there is no action entered, and a specified time has elapsed, the application will automatically bring up the name for a purge notice. The application will also print purge notices, and if no action is then made within a specified time, the voter is removed from the registration list.

All voter information can be accessed by voter name, address, precinct, township or registration number. Movement between input screens is quick and easy. Flexibility and ease of use make the MHI Governmental Systems' Voter Registration System an efficient means of providing requested information. Many workers hours are saved.

The system allows you to update voter history and absentee voting by precinct. Voter history can then be aged for all precincts or by precinct number. In addition, voters can easily be changed from one precinct to another as necessary. The system also allows for automatic update of Senate, House/Rep and Congressional districts and Wards by precinct.